Mirror Mantras

Mirror Mantras are a moment to truly connect with yourself and start each day loving yourself and loving the life you lead. It may feel silly and super cheesy at first (I'm still practicing!) but over time it will build your confidence and improve how you interact with yourself and the world. Say a simple mantra to yourself when you're getting ready or on your way out the door, as if you're talking to your best friend or a child, a mini you even. I bet you're talking now with a change in tone, more care and attention, ...and that's how it should be. You deserve that love and TLC. Saying nice things to yourself can't be that hard right? Eeep. Let's give it a try. Start off in the morning and gradually add on more mirror moments throughout your day. Here are some positive self-talk mantras and affirmations that will get you thinking more positively about your body, your creativity, your anxiety and shift your thoughts away from perfection to empowerment.



In times when we do not feel great in our own bodies we are quick to jump to negative self-talk where we pin point our flaws or fixate on our imperfections and illnesses. Instead remind yourself how grateful you are for how your body supports you and enables you to do so much.

Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself one specific thing about you that you love and then say,

"I am beautiful. I am strong. I am worthy. I appreciate my body and myself."



Before you embark on the joys of the day affirm with a strong, positive statement that something is already so. These are powerful words to truly connect with yourself, to remind you how competent and capable you are, that you are a creative being, and how your creative journey is like making art itself, it is about the process not the product.

"I am calm, confident and creative. As I create and listen, I will flourish and be led."



Rather than worry about all the things you need to get done in the day ask yourself, "What can I do to make me happy today?" Be intentional. The day can easily pass by without really fulfilling us, or can be dampened by a unsettled mood. If you are are ever feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious simply say:

"As anxiety visits me I can breathe it all away."

"I will not let fear and worry control me. I will take time to recognise the beauty around me, and live in the present moment."



Lastly, leave the house with the knowledge you are going to have a good day. It does not need to be perfect, you may not get everything done and things will pop up. That is the magic of a new day! It may even turn out to be a pretty shitty day, who knows? But you are going to make the most of it, make it great, take one step closer to your goals, because you have the power to create happiness. Ask yourself, "What is the best decision I can make today?" and then say,

"I am powerful. We make progress not perfection."

"I am imperfect and yet my imperfections, like any great work of art, are what make me a masterpiece!"

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4 Steps to Discovering Yourself


Perhaps it's the half way point of the year or you're on the merge of a quarter life crisis, you want to make your next move or something BIG has just happened that has sparked a reassessment of yourself. Whatever it may be, or if it's all of the above (🙋🏻it me), finding yourself and reflecting on you as a whole, holistic being shouldn't be a scary thought. In fact take it as an bright opportunity to ensure you are being the best you, being true to yourself and making the most of your days. 



Make light of misfortune

  1. What inspires me are individuals who take a point of trouble, turmoil, even tragedy and turn this around. If our life was full of ease and happy moments would our life be full and one of adventure and discovery? The troubling times in our life make the greatest moments so much more special and magical, because we actually had to live through it, to work for it, we had to try and fail before we were rewarded. When we face a hurdle, are we going to let it ruin us or are we going to embrace it, experience the trough to allow for a peak and see how it may be in fact be a wondrous opportunity of learning and discovery.



Accepting yourself

2. Being true to yourself means abandoning this romanticised image of you. It means reflecting about your past, how you grew up, what you may have chose to hide or repress, the darkness within ourselves. It also means accepting not only the emotional realities but accepting ourselves physically - the skin that we are in. Sometimes that means seeking help, chatting to an honest friend, breaking down barriers and resolving those issues with that person, or perhaps even seeking professional advice - totally opening up to experts who can listen to you without judgement. If we live a life overwhelmed or ignoring our insecurities, the light of our authentic self will not shine; and its that light that draws in every new person, each experience, and opportunity that aligns with our true fulfilment.



Finding the core of you

3. I believe a major factor in our lack of happiness is that fact that we do not chose to be happy. It's a choice, and you are responsible for it. Sometimes however we struggle to figure out or understand what truly brings us joy. We focus on what others want of us, or what society says is responsible and right. We get stuck in autopilot, going about our day to day and our busy lifestyles that we forget to make time for pure play. What did you enjoy doing as a child? If you could spend a day exactly as you wished - how would you spend it? Now, prioritise this. No one else can do this for you, except you. Go and play! What a glorious invitation to send and receive. Spin around in a field of palm trees. It's great, take it from me. 



Relying on yourself

4. As you are responsible for your own happiness you are also responsible for yourself and the paths you take. You can get as much advice, ideas and opinions from your pals or your family as you like, perhaps about the colour of the swimmers or the venue for your birthday ...but essentially you will not discover yourself unless you build the self-confidence and self-reliance to make your own decisions. Start trusting your own judgement and your gut. Build that muscle by using it again and again, and you will find your self-confidence and self-reliance grow and grow. You may make mistakes along the way, but the greater mistake will be sitting there in stagnation. Relying on yourself means taking responsibility for those life admin tasks always left on the bottom of your to-do list. If you dreaming about that apartment with ceiling to floor windows, cascading with natural light, that vase full of flowers in your art studio space where you work, and your next overseas trip it will not magically appear. You need to take responsibility for it; budget, save and plan for it.


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5 Key Tips for Solid Solo Time



You know where this is going, with the 'sometimes' choice as the first word... 

Let's start again. Sometimes you just need a little time to yourself. You're the key actress and actor to your film or award winning show that is your life. You need to look after yourself, give yourself a little love and just really spend some time still, solo and alone. Because you need to shine and you cannot bedazzle on your comeback tour or new season reveal, when everyone is up in your grill and the thought of having to converse and interact with another human being is unmistakingly the worst thing you could do right now. I sound like the biggest narcissistic person rn, but seriously I am sure you've all reached this point before (right? or am I just the crazy one?). So lets dissect how to spend solid solo time!

1. Delete & Disappear

Avoid all unnecessary time on apps that lead to unwanted messages and wasted relaxation minutes. I have avoided Facebook and apps of the swiping variety... They're stealing all your info. and data anyways right?, use that as another reason and disappear from at least one part of the social media world. No need to explain to anyone of your absences. They'll find you if its important enough. Even better, delete it all together if you're capable and do not look back. An alternative is to get your best bud to change your password for a month whilst you take your hiatus. You'll be surprised at how much time you could have spent doing more meaningful things.

2. Source a New Solo Space

I am a firm believer in how environments impact on your wellbeing and happiness and are pivotal learning spaces. Find a new space and make it your own. I needed a fresh inspiring place to blog so I decided my balcony would be the place, and a space for me to unwind whilst enjoy a moment to myself. Have at least one time in your day that is still. The time of day when you can take a breather. Maybe that's a new stair case to eat your lunch, a different park to walk in or trying that café or library to work in a suburb away.


3. Make Time for Mindless Activities

I haven't been a big television watcher for a long time, but I've somehow got sucked back into its mindless but great entertaining value! I'm talking mindless trash dating TV shows people. Who is with who on Bachelors in Paradise, who proposed to who on X-named other show. I've even contemplated going on one 🙊after being asked to audition ...and that is a whole other story! And to more substantial Netflix viewing, I now know Seinfeld's secret trick to talking to people, or what's cooking on Chef's Table Volume 4. After your time in the bubble ball you'll have extra light hearted things to chat about with your friends and co-workers.

4. Sing it Sister

This is by far one of my favourite things to do by myself. Hehe. Have a karaoke session in the comfort of your own home. Wake the neighbours. Scare the doggies. Prepare for Lana live. Bummed you're not at Coachella? Make Couch-ella real. Living room style. 

5. Pause with a Podcast

Having just sung your heart out and hearing your own voice in your head magnified, you might feel like hearing the voice of another. Listening to a podcast is great because you feel less alone without actually having to talk to someone when you're not in the mood. You can just listen away, learn something new and have a chuckle like you're besties with the hosts of the shows. 



So that's it. Those are my go to's for starting and surviving solo time. Whatever reason you need time to yourself, know that ultimately it is only you that makes you happy so sit in stillness and enjoy it! ðŸ’–

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