Spotty Sport: Workout Wear


If you’re workout wear doesn’t match, are you even whole? Are you fulfilled and complete?

Probably… but I feel so much more inclined to get moving and be active with some fun workout wear. 

There’s nothing like a fresh matching crop top and bottoms to get my butt to a gym class or running around.

Totally feeling the polka at the moment too!



5 Steps to Create a Bedroom Sleep Sanctuary



Sleep - you need it, I need it! Many of us try to get away with little sleep because we have so much to do. We're fixated on productivity and making most of our day, but when you take hours away from rest, tomorrow ends up not so fun... your brain and mind doesn't work as well as it should making you less productive and scattered - yep you = scatter brain, plus not to mention affects your mood. No one wants to wake up with a shitty mood and be the Grumpy Gus at work or home but with lack of sleep comes irritability (Sorry girls and kiddos at work!). Skipping an hour here and there flicking and swiping aimlessly on your phone, finishing that blog post, or watching just one more episode on Netflix may seem like nothing, but these add up until you have a sleep debt to rectify and a frazzled mind which will reach a point of much needed restoration. Instead routine and regular sleep habits and a environment built for sleep will make you the best person you can be, and who doesn't want to be that?


MOR Candle

MOR Candle

Ok sleep's important, "I get it" you say... but what happens when you can't sleep? 

Creating an environment for sleep, a blissful bedroom sanctuary, is essential in what I like to call the sleepy town process. I find with a mission that is important but difficult, you will not take it on if the motivation is not there. So get motivated and prioritise sleep by creating a space you will be excited to wind down in, a bed so comfy you will want to dream away in and a room that is made for the very thing I'm banging on about - sleeping. 

1. Declutter from distractions

For the longest time I slept in a tiny little king single bed millimetres away from my dusty built in wardrobe and amongst my creating, working and play space, basically among all my crap and everything I own. Lucky enough I was able to clear out the room beside mine (thanks sis for moving to Melbourne) and make it just for sleep. Whether or not you are able to have essentially just a bed in your room, it is important to declutter. Free your bedroom from distractions and visual noise. Eliminating clutter helps you relax, reduce stress and focus on sleep. 


2. Pick a palette

Soft, soothing and calming colours will help you relax. Start with a neutral room and then add small pops of colour by decorating your bed and bedside tables with items you love. Meaningful cards with personal messages and handwriting, a collection of candles, books you might actually read and flowers are a must for me. They all tie everything together to create a happy blissful mood.


3. Create comfort

Creating a comfortable environment is vital to helping you doze off. Invest in a cozy mattress, blankets, pillows, cushions and don't forget sleepwear! Choosing an array of aesthetic textures and fabrics in your cushions and throws will make your bed a luxe dream. I love the look and feel of linen which keeps you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Also choose pyjamas that you are excited to change into for bedtime. I prefer breathable cotton to get comfy in. 

H&M sleepwear

H&M sleepwear


4. Lights on low

During the day cherish the natural light that beams in through the windows. However at night create a warm, ambient glow with candlelights or a salt lamp. Himalayan salt lamps are believed to help purify the air, removing dust, pollen and other contaminants, perfect for asthma or people with allergies like me. They reduce particles of dust, pet dander, mould, mildew and the like. Positive ions in the air can reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain resulting in irregular sleep patterns. Himalayan pink salt lamps are natural negative ion generators, thus they are said to help reverse this problem.

I've always struggled with brights lights impeding on my sleep and creeping in through the crack under the door! Avoid having an alarm clock, flashing chargers or any bright screens too. 

Kikki K planner, Daiso gold clips

Kikki K planner, Daiso gold clips

Currently reading: Quiet

Currently reading: Quiet

5. Routine - read, reflect and relax

It's all about the Rs. Set a regular time before bed where you get to wind down and relax. Take your diary, bujo or planner and mentally unravel. Reflect on the day and write down what you were most grateful for, as well as spend time to plan for the next day rather than worry and fixate on your to do list when you rest your eyes. Relax with a good read to slow your mind and body in preparation for the deepest stages of sleep (Slow Wave Sleep) the first few hours, right on through the night to bring on vivid dreams (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) your REM sleep which is the restorative part of your sleep cycle. REM is thought to be involved in the process of storing memories, learning, and balancing your mood. It also stimulates regions of the brain that are used for learning. Studies have shown that when people are deprived of REM sleep, they are not able to remember what they were taught before going to sleep. So relax and get your REMs.


Happy sleeping and dreaming friends!



Sydney Nature Walk

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park


Sphinx Memorial to Bobbin Head loop track

Not too far from home and yet undiscovered. I wish I trailed here earlier. 

We started at Warrimoo track (3.5km, 1.5 hr) following the waters-edge of Cowan Creek. The trail joined the Sphinx Track (1.5 km, half an hr) and then looped back via the Bobbin Head Trail (3.5km, 1 hr). 

Native flowers, fresh air and a sticky body. It was a good day.

{ Bralette - Calvin Klein, Shorts - Zara, Shoes - Nike }