Mirror Mantras

Mirror Mantras are a moment to truly connect with yourself and start each day loving yourself and loving the life you lead. It may feel silly and super cheesy at first (I'm still practicing!) but over time it will build your confidence and improve how you interact with yourself and the world. Say a simple mantra to yourself when you're getting ready or on your way out the door, as if you're talking to your best friend or a child, a mini you even. I bet you're talking now with a change in tone, more care and attention, ...and that's how it should be. You deserve that love and TLC. Saying nice things to yourself can't be that hard right? Eeep. Let's give it a try. Start off in the morning and gradually add on more mirror moments throughout your day. Here are some positive self-talk mantras and affirmations that will get you thinking more positively about your body, your creativity, your anxiety and shift your thoughts away from perfection to empowerment.



In times when we do not feel great in our own bodies we are quick to jump to negative self-talk where we pin point our flaws or fixate on our imperfections and illnesses. Instead remind yourself how grateful you are for how your body supports you and enables you to do so much.

Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself one specific thing about you that you love and then say,

"I am beautiful. I am strong. I am worthy. I appreciate my body and myself."



Before you embark on the joys of the day affirm with a strong, positive statement that something is already so. These are powerful words to truly connect with yourself, to remind you how competent and capable you are, that you are a creative being, and how your creative journey is like making art itself, it is about the process not the product.

"I am calm, confident and creative. As I create and listen, I will flourish and be led."



Rather than worry about all the things you need to get done in the day ask yourself, "What can I do to make me happy today?" Be intentional. The day can easily pass by without really fulfilling us, or can be dampened by a unsettled mood. If you are are ever feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious simply say:

"As anxiety visits me I can breathe it all away."

"I will not let fear and worry control me. I will take time to recognise the beauty around me, and live in the present moment."



Lastly, leave the house with the knowledge you are going to have a good day. It does not need to be perfect, you may not get everything done and things will pop up. That is the magic of a new day! It may even turn out to be a pretty shitty day, who knows? But you are going to make the most of it, make it great, take one step closer to your goals, because you have the power to create happiness. Ask yourself, "What is the best decision I can make today?" and then say,

"I am powerful. We make progress not perfection."

"I am imperfect and yet my imperfections, like any great work of art, are what make me a masterpiece!"

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Location: Nice, France