5 Key Tips for Solid Solo Time



You know where this is going, with the 'sometimes' choice as the first word... 

Let's start again. Sometimes you just need a little time to yourself. You're the key actress and actor to your film or award winning show that is your life. You need to look after yourself, give yourself a little love and just really spend some time still, solo and alone. Because you need to shine and you cannot bedazzle on your comeback tour or new season reveal, when everyone is up in your grill and the thought of having to converse and interact with another human being is unmistakingly the worst thing you could do right now. I sound like the biggest narcissistic person rn, but seriously I am sure you've all reached this point before (right? or am I just the crazy one?). So lets dissect how to spend solid solo time!

1. Delete & Disappear

Avoid all unnecessary time on apps that lead to unwanted messages and wasted relaxation minutes. I have avoided Facebook and apps of the swiping variety... They're stealing all your info. and data anyways right?, use that as another reason and disappear from at least one part of the social media world. No need to explain to anyone of your absences. They'll find you if its important enough. Even better, delete it all together if you're capable and do not look back. An alternative is to get your best bud to change your password for a month whilst you take your hiatus. You'll be surprised at how much time you could have spent doing more meaningful things.

2. Source a New Solo Space

I am a firm believer in how environments impact on your wellbeing and happiness and are pivotal learning spaces. Find a new space and make it your own. I needed a fresh inspiring place to blog so I decided my balcony would be the place, and a space for me to unwind whilst enjoy a moment to myself. Have at least one time in your day that is still. The time of day when you can take a breather. Maybe that's a new stair case to eat your lunch, a different park to walk in or trying that café or library to work in a suburb away.


3. Make Time for Mindless Activities

I haven't been a big television watcher for a long time, but I've somehow got sucked back into its mindless but great entertaining value! I'm talking mindless trash dating TV shows people. Who is with who on Bachelors in Paradise, who proposed to who on X-named other show. I've even contemplated going on one 🙊after being asked to audition ...and that is a whole other story! And to more substantial Netflix viewing, I now know Seinfeld's secret trick to talking to people, or what's cooking on Chef's Table Volume 4. After your time in the bubble ball you'll have extra light hearted things to chat about with your friends and co-workers.

4. Sing it Sister

This is by far one of my favourite things to do by myself. Hehe. Have a karaoke session in the comfort of your own home. Wake the neighbours. Scare the doggies. Prepare for Lana live. Bummed you're not at Coachella? Make Couch-ella real. Living room style. 

5. Pause with a Podcast

Having just sung your heart out and hearing your own voice in your head magnified, you might feel like hearing the voice of another. Listening to a podcast is great because you feel less alone without actually having to talk to someone when you're not in the mood. You can just listen away, learn something new and have a chuckle like you're besties with the hosts of the shows. 



So that's it. Those are my go to's for starting and surviving solo time. Whatever reason you need time to yourself, know that ultimately it is only you that makes you happy so sit in stillness and enjoy it! ðŸ’–

{ Black blouse - Zara; Jeans - from Korea, Sandals - Jeffery Campbell }

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