Lazy Long Weekend Wear


Repeat weekend outfit. I've worn this everywhere and in between so far during this much needed long weekend. First on the Hermitage Foreshore Walk with a change of shoes + my favourite basket, to Milk Beach, Blues Point, then to die of an complete food feast at Devon Cafe, to eat out some more getting Phở with the parents, and up the road to grab a coffee and do the grocery run (sneaky chocolate hot cross buns and an avocado, equals balance right?). 



As much as my weekend's are my chance to get a little more creative and dress up, the lazy long weekend has made me want to chuck on whatever is easiest and run out the door - no make up.

When I get a bit of time to myself I like to sit with a coffee. I calm my body down and have some me time, bullet journaling away. No promises I write in my journal/planner everyday, but when I play catch up its total reflection zen time. 







There is something so simple and relaxing about doing a routine grocery shop, or going to the same cafe. Therapeutic and cathartic feelings of putting pen to paper are my favourite, whether it's scribbling notes, writing baby steps or big goals, keeping tabs on how healthy/unhealthy I'm being or colouring in little squares to track my mood. It's the weekend. The long lazy weekend and its perfectly slow.