Bedside Bedroom

In continuation of blogging more and sharing the 'real' me, or more of me at least, here's an up close look into a corner of my space - my bedside in my bedroom. I'm finding taking photos using my mirror is super accessible and easy these days, but also documents a little more of my personal life and spaces. If you did some super investigative zooming you might see a gifted poem, the OC (every season), fake and real plants ...all could be revealed! Don't fear though, sometimes I actually get out of the house! There will be outdoor nature adventures and shoots on their way (think hikes and waterfalls).


A little looksie into the beside table we get to be a bit more closer and intimate.


A mix of gifted, stolen and purchased from around the globe, this little nook means the world to me. 


If you've been hanging around me you'll know that I've been wearing this almost skivvy like thing non-stop lately. It has been perfect for the the inter-seasonal weather and torrential rain we had over the weekend. These booties have been making a regular appearance too. You may have seen them earlier in this post or on my feet, thus undecidedly cannot pick whether I prefer the wear-with-anything πŸ–€ black or look-at-me πŸ”₯ red. The little kitten heel, the sock feel, they are teeny tiny heel dreams. 

The next few posts or so you'll see how I took my love for these boots to another level i.e. to the park where they became soccer boots, as well as the story I'll tell of this amazing chair and my adventures to an antique store.

Much love x


{ Skivvy - H&M, Jeans - from Korea, Booties - Topshop }